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I'm Triceara, a UX Researcher & Strategist

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The Barrow Mansion

The Barrow Mansion

The Barrow Mansion is a historic site in Jersey City. This greek revival style mansion was built in the 1840's and has been home to wealthy families and a YMCA. Today, it functions as historic site, community space, and private event venue. I set out to re-design the mansion's website in order to help them attract new patrons.

User Research + Analytics =
New website and business goals

Epicured wanted to know if they had the right user persona and to redesign their customer account page so that customers could place orders without calling customer service.


User interviews, usability tests, and Google Analytics gave us the information we needed to craft Epicured's new persona and pinpoint exactly where users encountered problems with Epicured's service.  With all of these data points in mind, we created a responsive website for Epicured.

We Wash

Who has dirty laundry? Everyone! Who likes to do their laundry? No one - except for that one edge case survey participant. My team and I designed a laundry service app with a laundry services app which ideally would be partnered with a chain laundromat.

Yes, there are a bunch of laundry services in New York. But user research and competitive analysis show that none of the laundry service providers are doing well. If no one is doing it right - there's space for a new competitor. 


Give your mind a rest or give your mind a workout. At times of stress, what do we need most to get back on track? Meditation, yoga, a drink? Actually, a clip of some cute pigs will do the trick!

Surprised by that last suggestion? We were too. Our user research reveled that people generally know when they're stressed and what the source of the stress. A quick, light-hearted distraction was what they needed to manage their stress level and get back to work.

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