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Background: We set out to develop a responsive website aimed at helping people find easy access to relaxation techniques. However, our research showed that users simply wanted a quick escape or distraction from their current stressor.



Usability Testing


Mid-Fi Wireframes

Team Members:

Amy Rosenbaum

Raquel Winiarsky

Rongrong Zhu

Tools and Deliverables:


Screener Surveys

User Interviews


Journey Map

Design Studio

Feature Prioritization

Usability Testing & Report

Rapid Prototyping

Clickable Prototype

Presentation Deck


We kicked off this project in the health space with a screener to gather information on how users become stressed and how they manage stress.

MINDR - Screener results.jpg

We received 30 responses to our screener survey. Of those respondents, we chose 4 to interview.

User Interview Findings


Users went to YouTube and Instagram to de-stress 


Users wanted to relieve their stress in a healthy, non-destructive ways.


Users were stressed by a lack of time & control

Reoccurring themes in our user interviews: Every person that we interviewed talked about their need for quick and easy distractions from their stress. These distractions often took the form of something "funny" or "cute" that made the user feel good.  


MINDR_Peggy Sasse.jpg

How might we provide Peggy with a quick, easy distraction so she can reset her mind and get back to work?


Key Features

Content aggregated from sources that users know and love

Simple Navigation

A timer to help users return to their tasks after de-stressing.


MINDR Mid-fi Home Page.png
MINDR Midfi Screen 2.png
MINDR MidFi Screen 3.png
MINDR Midf Filter Overlay (1).png

Final Mockup

MINDR Hi-Fi 1.png
MINDR Hi-Fi 2.png
Final Results
MINDR_Usability Suummary.jpg

Mindr. passed usability tests and received high marks from users. Users were delighted by the easy of use and general aesthetic of the website. 

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